Board of Directors

Founding President and Executive Director
Marlyn Tadros
, Ph.D.
Marlyn Tadros

Marlyn Tadros is Professor of Web Development and Interactive Media at the Arts Institute of New England in Boston. She is a Research Affiliate at the Middle East Center at Northeastern University and is managing editor of its new Journal of New Media Studies. She was also a Visiting Scholar in the Women's Department at NEU. Tadros has taught human rights and Middle East Studies at the Political Science Department, and was also a Visiting Fellow at the Human Rights Program at Harvard University. Prior to coming to the US in September 1998, Tadros was Deputy director of the Legal Research and Resource Center for Human Rights in Cairo, Egypt, and Executive Director of the National Steering Committee of the United Nations International Conference on Population and Development which took place in Cairo in 1994. She continues to be involved in human rights issues in the Arab World.

Tadros served on the Board of Directors of Grassroots International, Boston, and other human rights-related organizations and has been appointed to the International Fellowships Panel of the American Association of University Women. She has also founded Virtual Activism and its project MENGOs [ Middle East NGOs: Center for Knowledge Society] both of which are pioneering projects that deal with the intersection between technology and human rights and development. Tadros organizes training workshops in technology and human rights in several countries around the world, with special focus on the Middle East. She is also author of numerous papers on the Middle East with several publications in both English and Arabic on issues ranging from human rights to education and technology.

Vice President
Steve Rudolfi


Steve is a Web Developer at Boston University where he specializes in front-end and back-end code as well as Content Management Systems, like Wordpress. Prior to Boston University, Steve worked at a global digital marketing agency after graduating with a bachelor's degree in Interactive Media Design from the New England Institute of Art.

Steve is a promoter of Free and Open Source Software, transparency, open access and education. In his free time, he likes to travel and take photos, attend web development meetups and conferences, and tinker with hardware, his home server, and single-board microcontrollers like Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

Jes Waldrip




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Nabil Samuel

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Ian Bailey


Ian has been around technology for as long as he can remember. He has a background in Graphic Design, and is currently pursuing Web Design with a mix of front and back-end coding to top-it-off.

He is always looking for opportunities to refine the interactive web environment, as well as helping those around him to share the same experiences. He jokingly compares the web languages to "Black Magic", and you can sometimes find him fixed to his monitor tinkering at a desk, or sometimes outside under a tree. He loves to travel out of the country as often as possible, and loves the heartiness of the New England region.

Marilyn Chao



The interactions between creation and its audience have always fascinated me. Nothing thrills me more than seeing a well-designed piece bring an individual his/her very own, almost customized experience, and my passion has always been being a user experience designer who is devoted to honoring that unique excitement.

From a long history of graphic design background, I’ll soon be graduating with a Bachelor Degree in Web Design and Interactive Media. I don’t limit myself to certain platforms and am comfortable working with multimedia to achieve the best results.

Lauri Stevens

Chair, Web Design & Interactive Media
New England Institute of Art

Lauri Stevens


Lauri is an interactive media professional who has developed titles for clients including IBM (Networks division), IBM Fun and Games, Scott-Foresman/Addison-Wesley, Lancet Media, and others. She spent 14 years in television and radio as a news reporter and anchor before making the leap to new media. She has also worked as a Senior Research Manager conducting world-wide customer satisfaction surveys for major high-tech clients including Compaq, Dell, Cisco, IBM, and many others. In this capacity she built the first of its kind online customer feedback system for IBM. She is a member of the Massachusetts Interactive Media Council, the Theatre Communications Group and has served on the boards of Women in Communications, Inc. and a local chapter of the American Red Cross.