WSIS +10 2nd phase

The second phase of the open consultations on the 2013 World Summit on the Information Society multistakeholder review event (WSIS+10) is now launched. You are invited to contribute to online discussions on the WSIS Knowledge Communities platform (WSIS KC) on themes, format and the process leading to the 2013 WSIS+10 review event. This multistakeholder and high-level event will be co-organized by UNESCO, ITU, UNDP and UNCTAD and will take place at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris from 25 to 27 February 2013.


The first WSIS+10 review event with an analysis of trends and possible recommendations will be an integral part of the overall WSIS review process. Outcomes will feed directly into the subsequent review meetings and into the 2015 UNGA overall review. Results will also be reported to UNESCO’s Executive Board and to the 37th session of the General Conference of UNESCO (November 2013).

The intention is also to integrate findings into the UN MDGs review process and into a possible post-2015 sustainable development framework.

Recent developments, trends and vision

UNESCO commissioned research on knowledge societies topics – you will find summaries of the findings below. The research focuses on the following themes: open technologies, literacy, persons with disabilities, media, indigenous peoples, citizen science and info-ethics. The summaries highlight recent development, trends and recommendations for the post 2015 world.

You are kindly requested to participate in the open consultation process on the findings. Please send your comments to wsisteam(at) until 3 February.  You can also contribute to the collaborative editing/commenting of the document on the WSIS KC online platform and enter into more interactive discussions, e.g. on the recommendations.