On behalf of the Kerosene Fire Victims Welfare Association (KEVA), LifeTag, and all manners of stakeholders in the Campaigns for the victims, " I say thank you for this marvelous work of the donation of the Web Site, at such incredible speed!"  You needed to see the appreciation and hope with which the victims received the news. And they call me and the office incessantly with appreciation and saying what they saw on the web.

- Tony Erha, Executive Director, Lifetag, Nigeria.

ICT for Development

Core Indicators: The Partnership has developed a core list of ICT indicators to help countries track ICT infrastructure, access, and measure ICTs in households, enterprises, education, and government. The list is revised regularly and was endorsed by the UN Statistical Commission. [link]

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Creating a social media strategy for your NGOs

Many NGOs have finally gotten the social media message: you’re either using social media for exposure, or you don’t exist in the new media. As always, many plunge in, including myself, without realizing just what we’re getting into at first. It is through a process of trial and error that we eventually get somewhere if at all. As always with digital media, there is an abundance of tools, and people find it difficult to choose which tools to use for their message. To add to the complication, each tool requires a learning curve whose duration depends on the complexity of the tool itself.

In order to create a significant digital presence one needs a social media strategy. It should be noted, however, that it is just as much a struggle to get people engaged in your message on social media as it is in traditional media.

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General Assembly Interactive Sessions in Preparation for the MDG Summit

We can End PovertyInvitation to Participate in the MDG Summit: Eradicating Poverty by 2015 preparatory process.

A website was created to  prepare delegations for the negotiations on the MDG Summit outcome document scheduled to begin in mid-April, the General Assembly is holding five informal interactive sessions providing participants with the latest information and best practices on the MDGs and related challenges as presented by the UN system, governments, academia, civil society, and the private sector. http://www.un.org/millenniumgoals/

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What does this server really serve?

by Richard Stallman

On the Internet, proprietary software isn't the only way to lose your freedom. Software as a Service is another way to let someone else have power over your computing.

Background: How Proprietary Software Takes Away Your Freedom

Digital technology can give you freedom; it can also take your freedom away. The first threat to our control over our computing came from proprietary software: software that the users cannot control because the owner (a company such as Apple or Microsoft) controls it. The owner often takes advantage of this unjust power by inserting malicious features such as spyware, back doors, and Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) (referred to as “Digital Rights Management” in their propaganda).

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Cloud computing and SaaS

At Saturday March 22nd, 2010  on Libre Planet, Richard Stallman announced the publication of an essay on software as a service (SaaS). By my count, it is his first published piece on the subject since Stallman’s controversial comments on GMail a year and a half ago. Readers of this blog will all be interested in reading the new essay if they haven’t already already done so.

In his article, Stallman defines SaaS as, “a network server that does certain computing tasks … then invites users to do their computing on that server.” His basic message is simple: users should reject SaaS network services because SaaS users are inherently disempowered and out of control. Indeed, users should reject SaaS even if a service is implemented using free software!

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Middle East Initiative

Middle East NGOs website is our  Middle East and North Africa-focused initiative. Please click to visit site


United Nations Group on the Information Society:

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Join this social media Thunderclap today to help tell your friends and family to secure their part of the web TOMORROW, June 5th: Click here to join the Thunderclap!
Reset the Net will launch a pri [ ... ]

WSIS +10
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  The WSIS+10 High-Level Event will be an extended version of the WSIS Forum. The Event will be held at the ITU Headquarters, Geneva from 10-13 June 2014 (9 June pre-events).  [ ... ]

Girls in ICT
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Organizing an event to celebrate the Girls in ICT Day is every year on 24 April. It is a worthwhile effort. It is our chance to raise awareness about the opportunities of the ICT sector and empowe [ ... ]

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