"Our plans and conceptual work were vague to say the least if it was not for the vision of Ms. Tadros and her ingenuity and creative thinking. In the matter of few hours she had a full grasp of our groups' aims and perspective clients and began to give us a much needed advise on how to expand our reach and maximize our penetration. She was also fluent in the analysis of the cyber activism, social, economic and political concepts and how to promote them through the World Wide Web. It seemed that we hired a public relations firm, a media firm and a creative consultant all in one."

— Riad Hamad, Palestine Children's Welfare Fund

ICT for Development

Core Indicators: The Partnership has developed a core list of ICT indicators to help countries track ICT infrastructure, access, and measure ICTs in households, enterprises, education, and government. The list is revised regularly and was endorsed by the UN Statistical Commission. [link]

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Human Rights and ICT

What are the current information society issues affecting human rights?

In this changing ICT landscape that we need to discuss specifically how ICT can contribute to advocate fundamental rights of human beings. We need to identify emerging issues and their impact on human rights and bring those issues to people's attention and also to relevant bodies.

Naturally there are the main issues of  A2k, digital divide, health, open access etc, which I will not repeat but there are other human rights topics that need to be addressed. My suggestion would therefore include the focusing on the following when dealing with human rights issues:

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Vague Democracy and the manufacture of failed states

Marlyn Tadros, PhD

I was in Iraq three weeks ago when the new wave of bombings took place in anticipation of US troop withdrawal. Unlike the Boltons and the Liebermans of the world who insist even as late as this past week that ‘we are significantly safer as a result of ‘victory’ in Iraq’, and unlike 52% of Americans who said in a recent USA Today poll that Iraqis are better off now, I do not profess to know what is best for the Iraqi people. I asked every Iraqi I met what they thought of the withdrawal and not surprisingly, I got almost the same response: this is far from withdrawal; it simply constitutes a permanent control and occupation of the State of Iraq.

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EPIC's Info Graphic: who's watching you?

Privacy Info GraphicDo you know who is watching you? did you know that since Sept 11th, the US has assembled the largest database in the world, collecting information online? Click on the graphic to know what's going on.



Creating a social media strategy for your NGOs

Many NGOs have finally gotten the social media message: you’re either using social media for exposure, or you don’t exist in the new media. As always, many plunge in, including myself, without realizing just what we’re getting into at first. It is through a process of trial and error that we eventually get somewhere if at all. As always with digital media, there is an abundance of tools, and people find it difficult to choose which tools to use for their message. To add to the complication, each tool requires a learning curve whose duration depends on the complexity of the tool itself.

In order to create a significant digital presence one needs a social media strategy. It should be noted, however, that it is just as much a struggle to get people engaged in your message on social media as it is in traditional media.

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Middle East Initiative

Middle East NGOs website is our  Middle East and North Africa-focused initiative. Please click to visit site


United Nations Group on the Information Society:

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WSIS +10
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  The WSIS+10 High-Level Event will be an extended version of the WSIS Forum. The Event will be held at the ITU Headquarters, Geneva from 10-13 June 2014 (9 June pre-events).  [ ... ]

Girls in ICT
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Organizing an event to celebrate the Girls in ICT Day is every year on 24 April. It is a worthwhile effort. It is our chance to raise awareness about the opportunities of the ICT sector and empowe [ ... ]

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